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We can provide internet for your apartment with several types of connection. In all cases it is unlimited, high-speed internet with wireless, fixed or fiber connection. All our internet services are flying on our connectivity that will bring you the best internet in Prague. The installation is free of charge with no hidden fees whatsoever. Additionaly, your monthly rate includes non-stop technical support and to top it all, there's a WiFi router waiting for you for free with selected high-speed internet plans.


DSL is an internet connection that is sometimes referred to as landline or fixed internet. That means that we will bring our connectivity to your home through an existing telephone socket. The DSL internet speed in our network starts at 20 Mb/s and is always unlimited. 


WiFi is a type of internet connection that can be called also internet by air or wireless internet. It is an internet connection with no landline. Thanks to a dense network of our transmitters we provide this connection on short distances which enables us to provide you with a reliable high-speed internet. For this connection, we need to use the roof of your building where we will place a receiving antenna from which we will then draw the cable to your apartment and the WiFi router. With our WiFi connection, you can get to a download speed of over 30 Mb/s.

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