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Download speed


Great for the common user

The download speed is sufficient for any usual internet usage. You can download a 700 MB movie in about 10 minutes. With this upload speed, you can post a picture on the internet within 10 seconds.

Upload speed


Acquisition cost


With us, installation is always free of charge.

WiFi router included


The price of the WiFi router from 700 CZK including VAT. It will enable you to create your own home wifi network for connecting all your devices. More about the router.


290 Kč monthly including VAT
with no additional fees
Non-binding order

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Required information

Monthly rate includes:

  1. Complete set up (visit of the technician, installation including the device and cabling, setting at the end device, activation of the service)
  2. Technical support (phone line, technician visits etc.)
  3. Legally required value-added tax (VAT)

Pre-ordering information

Here you will find all the information that you may want before ordering:

Completely unlimited

We don't limit our customers with rules for using the internet, and so they are not limited by time or volume of downloaded data. There is no FUP applied (Fair User Policy) 

Non-stop technical support

You may contact our technical support for any technical help day and night. We are happy to help our customers with setting up your wifi router, home network or even your PC.

Zero acquisition costs

With us, you pay only the monthly rate and all the acquisition costs are free. No other fees are and will ever be charged. 

Invoicing at your business license

You can order this plan also as a freelancer under your business license: same conditions apply.

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