Internet installation

During the installation process itself, the type of internet connection available at your address is crucial. Whatever the type of connection, the installation is always free of charge.


In a case of activating a brand new socket, it is necessary for our technician to visit and set it up manually. At the same time, he will set up your modem/WiFi router. The internet will then be functinal within one day. If you are switching from a different internet provider, the technician visit will not be necessary and we will set up your internet connection online within a time period set by the regulator - usually 7 workdays.


Receiving antenna is most commonly installed on the roof of your building at a place of direct visibility of the nearest transmitter. For proper anchoring of the antenna, we usually use a pylon or the chimney structure. We then draw a cable from the receiving antenna to your apartment/office, where it will be ended at the WiFi router for setting up your own wireless network. In case there already is a receiving antenna installed on your building and your neighbors are already enjoying our internet connection, everything is of course much simpler. For home internet connection, we use 5 GHz technology where the antenna is 35 cm long in diameter at most, although in 90% of cases we apply smaller antennas, only 14 cm in diameter! Power supply for the receiving antenna is mostly solved by the 24 V option, by the data cable from the place of connection.


If, after checking the availability, one of our optic-fibre symmetric plans appears, you may start celebrating. It is very probable that the cable has already been carried to your apartment. That may result in the form of an existing socket or so called preparation. In case that the cable has not yet been carried in, do not despair: it means that we already have an existing switch that will enable us to carry the cable into your apartment through existing installation paths. Our technician will carry out the setup on the spot free of charge. Finally, he will connect the cable to the WiFi router and you can just sit back and enjoy your home WiFi network on multiple devices at the same time.


After a successful setup, you will sign a contract (see the contract template in the section Contract and additional information) straight aways with the technician at the place of installation. The contract is entered for a period of 12 months without automatic renewal.

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