Internet connection for apartment buildings
and developers

Fiber optic internet for everyone

To apartment buildings owners, housing cooperatives and owners associations we offer complete packages of house connections with fiber optic internet with custom-made service offers.

Our goal is equipping the property with fibre optic technology which ensures that your properties have stable and symmetric high-speed internet connection for years to come. We provide this solution with minimum, often zero investment cost for the client!

We are happy to offer, design and carry out reconstructing or managing the house cable distribution for high-speed internet: a part of that is always a specific and individual offer of services for households and non-residential premises. 

A quality infrastructure will make your property more attractive for potential buyers because looking into the's not going to work without the internet. You will be ready for the arrival of new technologies - from smart refrigerators to CCTV.

High-speed internet 

transmission speed up to 1 Gbit/s 

Zero acquisition costs

Zero or minimum entry costs for property owners for setting up a house network 

The cheapest home internet

Thanks to a unique offer, you don't need to compare prices of internet connections anymore.

With no digging, no tearing down.

We perform the installation with minimum interference with your property.

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Get an offer

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Required information

Offered services 

  • High-speed internet 
  • IPTV - internet TV
  • VOIP - voice services
  • WiFi coverage
    and you can also add:
  • CCTV
  • Security system
  • Remote meter reading and maintanance 

Technology of house connection 

We carry out the home connection with wireless technology with transmission capacity up to 1 Gb. In case there is an existing AIRWAYNET infrastructure in neighbouring houses within the block, we use a passive optic conduction GEPON/GPON or metallic conduction CAT5/1Gbit.

End household connection is carried out either by an optic or metallic conduction. In case there is an existing structured cabling, we renew it by installing active elements. We always prefer using existing distribution. 


Residential complex, 140 housing units

A property with its own circuit of structured cabling to all the units. An 80 GHz receiving unit was used for connection, and active elements were implemented into the switchboard. An offer for internet connection was made together with an interactive internet TV.

There are now three plans available in the house and IPTV can be ordered together with any of them. 

100/100Mbit – 399 Kč
200/200Mbit – 499 Kč
300/300Mbit – 599 Kč

Costs for the customer (owners associations) in this case = 0 CZK 

Customers that have purchased connection from us:

Ecocity Malešice (ul. Marciho), Praha 10
SVJ Přádova 2051-2064, Praha 8
SVJ Na Václavce 2638/37, Praha 5
SVJ V Dolině 1154, 1155-1157, Praha 10
Rezidenční komplex Americká park, Praha 2
SVJ Záhřebská 158, Praha 2
SVJ Za černým mostem 1519-1522, Praha 9
SVJ U Krčské vodárny 61, Praha 4
Rezidence Jeremenkova 1188, Praha 4
SVJ Široká 64, Praha 1
SVJ Novovysočanská 934, Praha 8
SVJ Vajdova 1031-1033, Praha 15

and many more...
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