We provide fast internet connection through WiFi, DSL and Fiber. Currently, we cover 97,2% of Prague and surrounding areas.


Why choose us?

Zero acquisition costs 

All acqusition costs are free, you only pay your pre-selected monthly rate. No additional fees are not and will never be charged. 

Non-stop technical support 

Turn to our customer support for any technical help: day and night. We will help you set up your wifi router, home network or PC. 

Free WiFi router

Get your complimentary WiFi router with selected plans and create your own wireless netowrk for any number of devices.

The cheapest internet connection

Our plans are affordable for anyone, with a one-year contract with no automatic renewal.


Unlimited internet

We don't limit our customers with rules for using the internet so they are not limited by time or volume of downloaded data.

Internet speed test

Check your current connection speed with the help of our speed test.

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